Flat-Rate Attorney Fees for Wills and Planning Packages

Flat-Rate Attorney Fees for Will Only* – $300 per person

All flat-rate fees for wills and wills packages include an initial background-gathering consultation, the drafting of all requested documents by a licensed attorney, and an in-office session to execute your documents. As always at Shutt Law Firm PLLC, short phone conversations are always free.


Flat-Rate Attorney Fees for Wills PLUS Planning Packages

Single Person – $500.00        Married Couple – $750.00


Wills PLUS Planning Packages include all of the following planning documents:

Last Will and Testament for Non-Taxable Estate

Living Will (Directive to Physicians)

Durable Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

HIPAA Authorization

Declaration of Guardian

Anatomical Gifts Form

Memorandum Regarding Personal Belongings

Letter of Instructions To Executor

Declaration of Guardian for Children (if applicable)

Trust Provision for Minor Children (if applicable)


*Note:  All fees for wills and estate planning in this section assume no tax planning and no trusts.  For tax planning vehicles and trusts, additional fees may be necessary.  All fees listed on this sheet are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.