The $647 flat-rate price for Texas Wills includes information gathering, drafting your valid Texas Last Will and Testament, and even overseeing the signing of your Texas Will.


Shutt Law Firm, PLLC can assist with your flat-rate Last Will and Testament. Our Richardson, Texas, wills lawyers also review existing wills and prepare estate planning documents other than just wills.


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Shutt Law Firm, PLLC performs wills review in Dallas and surrounding areas.  Contact the law office to have your existing Will reviewed by one of our experienced estate planning attorneys.

Wills in Texas must meet all the legal standards set forth in the Texas Estates Code. If you die with an invalid Texas will, the probate court may not accept the will, and your estate may be treated as if you died without a will at all. The consequences of dying without a Will in Texas can be very expensive and burdensome for your loved ones.

Depending on the estate’s assets and debts, the cost of administering an estate without a will can jump from in the hundreds of dollars into the thousands of dollars. Estate administration where there is no will is generally more burdensome and costly for your family, which is why it may be a good idea to have your existing will reviewed by a Texas wills attorney.

Even if your will is valid in Texas, you may wish to make changes to your will. The Texas Estates Code allows you to make as many amendments to your will as you choose through the use of “codicils.” A codicil is a valid amendment to your will, and a codicil in Texas must be executed with all the same formalities as the original last will and testament.

It should go without saying that you should never amend your will in Texas by writing on your existing will. The only legally valid way to amend a will in Texas is with a codicil.


Need more than a Last Will?  If you also need a power of attorney, living will, and declaration of guardian–CLICK HERE to read about the Wills PLUS Planning Package.