Texas Medical Power of Attorney for Adult Children

So, your child is turning 18…

Now that your child is 18, you may be preparing to send him or her off to college.  Everyone is excited about the future and the endless possibilities.  But, have you planned for your child’s legal needs?  This is not a concern many people consider for a young adult.
After all, since I am paying for tuition, the school will tell me anything I need to know, right?  Probably not.
Parents of college-aged children should consider a Texas Medical Power of Attorney for Children and a HIPAA Release.

HIPAA Releases

Let’s say your son is now an adult.  As an adult, he can vote, join the military, get married, consent or refuse medical treatment.  All of this without your input or permission. Under a federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) the medical centers and hospitals are not supposed to tell the parents about the child’s medical status.  As an adult, your child has medical privacy rights under HIPAA, and her doctors are prohibited from disclosing anything to you or anyone else without prior written consent from your child.

As your child prepares to leave home, you should arrange to have HIPAA releases signed so that the college medical centers and any hospital can discuss your child’s medical records with you.  Without it, you may be left in the dark.  A HIPAA release, however, frees medical professionals from liability for disclosure of private medical records so that you may be kept informed.

Texas Medical Power of Attorney

What about consenting to or approving medical treatment?  If your child is in a condition where he is unable to communicate and unable to approve medical treatment options, a HIPAA release alone is not enough.  Your child needs a Medical Power of Attorney.  This will designate who may make necessary decisions where your child is unable to do so.  You may encourage your child to list you as his agent in his Medical Power of Attorney, so that you can make medical decisions on his behalf while he’s unable.
Consider who should be listed as the primary agent and who, if anyone, should be listed as an alternate.  An alternate agent will be able to make decisions if the primary agent is unavailable.
These are just a couple of examples of the documents your child should have upon reaching age 18.  There are additional documents that may be beneficial.  While it may seem strange to have a Texas Medical Power of Attorney for Children and a HIPAA Release, these are important documents regardless of whether your child is headed to college or anywhere else.
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