The Top Causes of Texas Inheritance Disputes


Legal Will Contests Most Commonly Arise In Several Situations

As a probate attorney in the Dallas area, I have learned to advise clients to be wary of certain situations that increase the likelihood that their wills will be challenged in probate court.  Here are the most common situations that increase the likelihood of a will contest.

Texas Wills Clients Underestimate The Impact Of Feelings

When you meet with your Wills Attorney (estate planning attorney) to create your will, consider how your decisions will psychologically impact your family.

  • The child who needs money/the child who doesn’t need money.  The first problem that some parents face when creating Wills is that their children may have different financial needs. However, when money is allocated unequally among the children, some children might be accused as being the “favorite.” Similarly, the child receiving a smaller inheritance because he “didn’t need the money as much” might actually interpret his smaller inheritance as, “I guess I wasn’t loved as much.”  One of the children might also assume that the unequal distribution was a mistake, resulting in a legal will dispute.
  • The problem child. The next issue is the “problem child.” This heir might have substance abuse problems. You may worry that if you give this child an inheritance it would deepen this child’s problems or that the money might feed an addiction.
  • The child with special needs. You might also have a child with a physical or psychological disability. If you give this child an inheritance, that change in income could negatively affect this child’s eligibility for healthcare governmental benefits. The inheritance for a child with a physical or intellectual disability can be put into a “special needs trust” so that they still receive Medicaid.
  • The disinherited. On the other hand, you might actually want to exclude a family member from your will altogether.  Disinheritance comes with its own problems.  Your will is more likely to be legally challenged when the disinherited person discovers he’s getting nothing.

Ways To Reduce Chance of Will Contest in Texas

So, how do you diminish the likelihood that your Will will be challenged in Texas probate court?

  • Communicate. Will contests stem from a lack of communication.  For example, if you want to give your wealthier child a lesser inheritance, explain your reasoning.  Explain that you are intentionally leaving a smaller share to the wealthier child, not because you’re crazy or love this child less, but because you’re just trying to be practical with your Will.  The likelihood of a Texas will contest decreases dramatically when you communicate your reasoning to the will beneficiaries.
  • Hire a Texas wills attorney to create your will. Hire an attorney with a law practice limited to estate planning, wills or probate.  In the long run, this attorney will save your family money while preventing heartache, stress and anger. Wills attorneys cost less than people expect, and this will always be money well spent.

To summarize, it is cheaper/easier to be proactive and hire a Texas wills attorney to create your will than it is to handle inheritance disputes after death. In other words, an estate planning attorney has the experience to detect problems within the family and provide effective solutions when it comes to your estate and assets. Where there are family problems, it is often hard for families to communicate. A probate attorney can help find alternative solutions that address the issue without leading to the destruction of family relationships.

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