It’s nothing new that scammers target the elderly.  Scammers love using scare tactics to get into folks’ wallets.  Elder lawyers shouldn’t be surprised at new techniques for scamming the elderly, but here is one that should surprise just about anyone:  scammers in Florida convinced some elderly that they needed a 70-year supply of toilet paper.  You can read the article here.

Apparently, three crooks face prison time for a $1 million toilet paper scam.  The scammers claimed affiliation with several governmental agencies, telling elderly victims they needed special supplies to keep in compliance with septic tank regulations.  One problem:  the federal government doesn’t have regulations for septic tank products.  However, salespeople in phone pitches to the elderly are good at what they do (conning people) and can sound very convincing–even if it is convincing people to buy exorbitant amounts of toilet paper.

The  moral of the story is that family members should absolutely be aware that elder abuse exists and the creativity of scammers obviously knows no bounds.  If you have elderly family members, the most important thing is to stay connected.  If you stay involved, there is a smaller chance that you will miss the red flags and a smaller chance that the family member will feel isolated and lonely.  Staying connected increases your chances of nipping elder abuse in the bud.

However, if it’s too late and you suspect elder abuse has already occurred, consider contacting an elder law attorney for a consultation to see if you may have a case.


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