Problems with Guardianship in Texas


A new article in the Houston Chronicle (Guardianships putting thousands of elderly Texans at risk: Documents show they’re losing their rights) reports growing problems with guardianship in Texas.  The article focuses mostly on the plight of one elderly ward in Texas.  In this ward’s case, her guardian was a non-relative and an attorney.  The ward was placed in a group home and was later discovered to have deteriorating health.  It’s possible that a more hands-on guardian could have done a better job to make sure the ward was receiving adequate medical care.  The attorney charged this ward’s estate more than $13,000 for acting as guardian, and the same attorney took in more than $200,000 for guardianship services the previous year alone.

The point of this posting is not to criticize the guardianship attorney who was acting as guardian in this case.  It’s hard to tell from the Chronicle’s article how much neglect actually occurred.  However, I do want to encourage you to give some thought to guardianship in Texas.  Texas guardianship attorneys  have the ability, through a legal document called a “Declaration of Guardian in Advance of Need,” to list who you would like to serve as your guardian should the need for a guardian ever arise down the road.

Guardianship is a serious legal process.  If a doctor and/or judge determines that you are legally mentally incapacitated, the judge may appoint a guardian over you.  If this happens, you lose legal rights.  The person appointed as your guardian assumes your legal rights and is charged with taking care of you.  Don’t you want a say in who may some day take over your legal rights?  Would you rather have a stranger you’ve never met be your legal guardian?



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