many cases, the estate planning attorney can provide a flat-rate price before starting any legal work.  Flat-rate attorney fees eliminate the guessing about legal fees.


When you leave the initial consultation, you’ll know what the legal fees will be.


For example, Shutt Law Firm creates Texas Wills for just $647.  This flat-rate fee is so affordable because the estate planning attorneys at Shutt Law Firm wants to encourage every Texan to hire a dedicated estate planning attorney to provide at least a Last Will and Testament.  This all-inclusive price includes everything–information gathering, drafting your valid Texas Last Will and Testament, and even overseeing the signing of your Texas Will.


Clients love Shutt Law Firm’s flat-rate fees and package pricing because they don’t have to worry about expensive lawyer phone calls or how many hours it will take to complete clients’ legal work.  That’s what the Richardson, TX, estate planning attorneys offer–Reasonable rates and truly personal service.






Texas Will* – $400 per person

All flat-fee wills and wills packages include an initial background-gathering consultation, the drafting of all requested documents by a licensed attorney, and an in-office session to execute your documents. 


Wills PLUS Planning Package

Single Person – $947.00                   Married Couple – $1647.00


Wills PLUS  Planning Package includes:

Last Will and Testament for Non-Taxable Estate

Living Will (Directive to Physicians)

Durable General Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

HIPAA Release Authorization

Declaration of Guardian

Anatomical Gifts Form

Memorandum Regarding Personal Belongings

Letter of Instructions To Executor

Declaration of Guardian for Children (if applicable)

Trust Provision for Minor Children (if applicable)

Designation of Agent for Disposition of Remains



The law office may be able to offer a flat rate for probate legal service, starting at just $500 for Small Estate Affidavits.  However, some probate clients present unique legal issues, in which event the law office charges its hourly rate.  Contact the law office in Richardson for a consultation to discuss probate alternatives.


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