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If you’re preparing to to complete your estate planning and you want to know how to lower probate attorney fees for your family, do the opposite of Prince.  The pop icon recently passed away, and his estate has been in the news nearly as much as his musical legacy.  Here are a handful of practical legal pointers that will help you avoid the probate pitfalls approaching the Prince’s estate.


Start with a Last Will and Testament


Prince didn’t even have the most basic estate planning document, a will.


Why was it a mistake for Prince to not have a will?  Because Prince does not get to decide how his property is to be distributed among his family and/or friends. His state law will now dictate the disposition of close to everything Prince owned – his home, his cars, his money, etc. Prince’s wishes for how his property is to be divided were never written down and they are now no longer relevant.


As it relates to Texas Law, you’ll sometimes hear Texas Probate Attorneys say, “If you die without a will in Texas, the state has a will for you.”  That’s because the state’s laws will say who gets all of your estate if you die without a will in Texas.



Plan carefully to prevent estate disputes


By not planning ahead carefully, Prince set the stage for a family estate legal battle. A will or trust could have prevented thousands of dollars in attorney fees to the inheritance dispute lawyers.  Because Prince didn’t have even the basic documents, a protracted dispute among relatives is now very likely to determine who will control his estate. Prince had siblings and half-siblings. Expect to see news stories of dueling family members seeking to gain control of the estate.


Plan carefully to avoid estate tax


Prince’s estate will be subject to heavy federal taxes. Some sort of tax planning would have saved his family potentially millions of dollars in taxes. Maybe you don’t have so much money that you will be subject to estate taxes, but that does not mean you wouldn’t potentially consider a trust.


There are several reasons why people need or want a trust other than tax avoidance. You should discuss your planning needs with us and explore your options. Trusts are not only for the very rich.


Plan so that you don’t hurt family relationships


Prince’s estate is a windfall to anyone that will ultimately inherit part of it. Now, because disputes are already brewing, a lot of the money will be spent in litigation. Proper estate planning can prevent potentially large legal expenses.  Also, and importantly, careful estate planning can prevent fractured family relations.


For the sake of saving a little cost by not getting a will or trust, Prince’s estate will now spend tens of thousands (or more) in legal fees and court costs because the likelihood of a quick and amicable resolution is slim.  You can have lower probate attorney fees and a happier family by making your wishes clear through a well-thought-out will or trust.






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