Looking for Free Will Review?  Look no further.  Shutt Law Firm, PLLC will review your Will for free.  Many people turn to online “document providers” to get their Wills completed.  What happens if your Will isn’t done correctly?  How will you ever know if the Will is wrong?

Why Does Shutt Law Firm, PLLC Review Wills For Free?

The estate planning attorney provides free will review because he sees the effect of having an invalid Last Will.  Remember, if a Will is invalid, the probate court looks at it as if there is no will at all.

Further, when will you find out if a Last Will is invalid?  Probably never.  It will be your family that will have to clean up the mess.

The real reason Shutt Law Firm reviews Wills for free is that many, many online Wills are bad.  They weren’t executed correctly, they don’t really do what the will-maker wanted, they’re ambiguous, they’re open to interpretation, they’re missing important legal provisions, or they’re just flat-out invalid under the law.

So, by reviewing the Wills, the attorney gets the opportunity to correct the Will.  Some online Wills only need minor changes, which is very inexpensive.  Some online Wills are so botched that they need to be completely redone by the attorney, which is also very inexpensive.

When Should You Ask The Attorney To Review Your Will For Free?

If you have a Will from LegalZoom (or “Legal Zoom”), Rocket Lawyer, or any other website claiming top-notch Wills, it would be a good idea to have your Will reviewed by an actual estate planning attorney.  Might as well, if it’s free.

In the recent past, I have seen a Will from an online company fail miserably. The wife of the decedent came to my office for probate.  She provided a copy of the “Will” her husband had made online.  Sadly, the Will was invalid, and what should have been a very simple probate case has turned into a mess that still has not been resolved.

Saving a couple hundred bucks by using LegalZoom or some other online document factory may be cheaper for you, but it may end up being incredibly expensive for your family down the line.  Isn’t the whole point of the Will to make it easier for your family?

Ever wonder why Legal Zoom says they’re not a law firm?  It’s probably because they don’t want the liability if they provide you with invalid documents… “Hey, don’t blame us.  We’re not attorneys.  We simply provided documents at your direction.”

Also ask for Will Review if it’s been years (or decades) since you’ve had an attorney look over your Last Will.  The laws change, your family changes, and your wishes change.


How Do You Get Shutt Law Firm To Review Your Will?

Use the online contact form (to the right) to send the attorney a message, and he will get back with you as soon as possible.  You can also call the office (214-302-8197) or send an email (ishutt@shuttlawfirm.com).


All you need to do is Email a copy of your Will or fax a copy of the Will to the office.  Then, the attorney will review your Will and get back with you shortly with recommendations.  Mr. Shutt will be completely forthright if your Will doesn’t need any changes at all.  If your Will does need changes, Mr. Shutt will tell you the best way to do so.

If you prefer to meet at the office in person in Richardson, TX–great, the attorney will gladly offer a free consultation.



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