1954 Ford Skyliner Project: Update #1

Even Collin County Probate Attorneys Have Hobbies

It’s important for lawyers to have hobbies and passions outside of the law office.  As noted in an article about me in the Texas Bar Journal, I believe lawyers with lives outside the law office make better attorneys. I am passionate about probate law in Collin County and Dallas County, but I also love getting my hands dirty outside the office. I hope you’ve already noticed that I enjoy woodworking and playing clarinet in the Richardson Community Band. Here is my newest endeavor…

The 1954 Ford Skyliner

In my last writing, I introduced my newest project, a 1954 Skyliner.  The car is rusty, crusty, non-running, missing lots of parts, stinky, and worn out.

I love it.


Work Continues

Once home, the Skyliner went from ugly to uglier.  I removed lots of worn-out pieces from the car, which made my family’s two-car garage seem very small.  You can imagine how thrilled my wife is.

Then, a great opportunity fell in my lap to purchase a newer engine, transmission, brake parts, driveshaft and rear axle.  The problem was that all these pieces were nestled happily in a running 1996 Ford Explorer.  In other words, I purchased a 1996 Ford Explorer to take out its guts.  You can imagine how thrilled my wife was to have two junky cars in her home’s garage.

I thought I could remove all the parts needed from the Explorer in a weekend.

That was a month ago.

The good news is that this attorney has learned a new skill: how to remove an engine and transmission from an SUV.  Here’s the proof:

Collin County Probate Attorneys Have Hobbies - Car Engine Removal

Collin County Probate Attorneys Have Hobbies – Car Engine Removal

Yes, a Texas lawyer removed an engine and transmission by himself.  It was a humbling experience.  I can’t tell you how great it felt when I was finally able to lift the engine and transmission up and out of the Explorer.

Collin County Probate Attorneys have hobbies - Ford Engine Removal

Collin County Probate Attorneys have hobbies – Ford Engine Removal

What’s Next?

The next step is to continue disassembling the Skyliner.  I will eventually separate the body of the car from the frame.  My goal is to fix all the rust on the frame of the car.


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