Estate Tax in Texas – “Texas Inheritance Tax”

The good news is that there currently is no Estate Tax in Texas

There is no estate tax in Texas currently, and there is also no Texas inheritance tax for estates  with the date of death on or after January 1, 2005.  Texas used to collect an inheritance tax, but it has been phased out.  However, laws constantly change, so it’s a good idea to keep tabs on current estate tax and inheritance tax laws.

The other good news is that the Federal Estate Tax has been made permanent

Why is that good news?  Two reasons.  First, it is very difficult for estate planning attorneys to create estate plans when estate tax laws change constantly.  It’s like aiming at a moving target.  Estate attorneys want to provide clients that will be appropriate this year, next year, and years down the line.  This is nearly impossible when the estate attorney can’t even predict the estate tax law for next year, much less years down the line.

Second, the current federal estate tax law is less onerous than in the past.  The new federal estate tax will impact very few of my clients.  With an estate tax exemption exceeding $5 million per person, it’s estimated that less than 1 in 700 estates will pay any federal estate tax.  Plus, the estate tax exemption is “portable,” meaning that any unused portion of one spouse’s exemption may be preserved for the second spouse’s estate.

To read more on the new federal estate tax law, I suggest reading a great write-up on

Remember, estate planning is about more than estate tax planning.  Even though very few of my clients’ estates would face estate tax under the new law, nearly all of them agree estate planning is a good idea.  Estate planning involves questions such as:

What happens if I get so sick that I’ll need help paying the bills?

With increasing costs for long-term care, what steps can I take to preserve inheritance for my children?

Who will make medical decisions for me if I’m unable?

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