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Audra Apke

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Brittany Taylor

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Here are a few of our recent Google Reviews:

Today we completed our final signing meeting with Isaac on our estate documents. What a great experience all the way through and highly recommend the Shutt Law Firm. We previously tried some of the “online” offerings and they did not meet our needs. As an engineer, I really appreciate expertise and also skills in effectively communicating to non-experts. As non-experts on this, we learned a lot from Isaac all while getting a comprehensive set of legal documents that meet our family needs and goals. And very efficient and effective. Thank you Isaac and team for helping us and we look forward to continue to work with you if needed.

Curt S.

If you have a probate issue, or want your own will/trust created, Isaac is the perfect one to help. He assisted us with both, and we couldn’t be more pleased. He, and everyone in the office, is friendly and helpful. All questions were answered in a timely manner and with detail. I would (and have) recommended Isaac to anyone in need of estate planning or probate issues.

Valorie H.

Due to changes in my family status I needed to revise my trust. Because my existing trust documents were so large and expensive to revise, I decided to find a different law firm and redo my trust from scratch. With one virtual video meeting and one office visit, Andrew was able to re-create a much more useable trust package and a very reasonable cost. Their entire staff was very professional and competent. I would recommend Andrew and the Shutt Law firm.

Norman J.

Shutt Law Firm’s Mission:

Shutt Law Firm exists to provide unparalleled service to every client, every time with care and compassion through each legal matter.

Shutt Law Firm is home to experienced estate planning lawyers with decades of combined legal experience, offering not just technical expertise, but a holistic approach that safeguards your legacy. 

A Legacy Forged in Experience: Forget fleeting trends – Shutt Law Firm boasts a lineage over a decade strong, meticulously safeguarding Texas legacies. Experienced Wills and Trust Attorneys like Isaac Shutt aren’t merely legal minds; they’ve cultivated a flourishing law firm, teeming with satisfied clients and countless successfully navigated cases. 

Compassion Intertwined with Competence: Estate planning transcends sterile legalese at Shutt Law Firm. It’s about understanding your hopes, aspirations, and family dynamics. We meticulously delve into your values and concerns, crafting not just documents, but bespoke plans that resonate with your individual story. You’re not just a case file at Shutt Law Firm.

Accessibility Beyond the Courtroom: Shutt Law Firm lawyers aren’t aloof courtroom figures. We’re trusted experts in the Wills and Trusts area of law.  Years of experience help us communicate with utmost clarity and ensuring you grasp every facet of your personalized plan. No question is deemed trivial, no concern too personal. We empower you with knowledge and confidence, making you an active participant in shaping your family’s future.

Beyond the Standard Will: Every family is a unique work of art, and your estate plan should reflect that. Shutt Law Firm eschews cookie-cutter solutions, offering customized estate plans. From revocable and irrevocable trusts to powers of attorney and guardianship arrangements, each plan is meticulously tailored to your specific circumstances, ensuring your assets are protected and your wishes enshrined.  However, just because it’s custom does not mean it’s difficult for our clients!  Leave the hard work to us.

Victories Carved in Legal Precedent:  Shutt Law Firm’s track record speaks volumes. We’ve traversed the labyrinthine Texas probate courts, shielded countless assets from life’s uncertainties, and ensured families inherit their loved ones’ legacies with minimal burdens. Our countless victories in Texas probate courts stand as testaments to our unwavering commitment to your peace of mind.

Building Bridges Beyond Wills: Shutt Law Firm isn’t just another boring wills and trusts law office.  Our team actively participates in community events and share valuable educational resources, and share information on YouTube. We’re your neighbors, not just your lawyers.

Investing in Peace of Mind: Choosing the Right Architect of Your Legacy

Estate planning isn’t just about paperwork; it’s about securing your loved ones’ future and honoring your wishes. By choosing Shutt Law Firm, you’re not simply hiring a wills and trusts lawyer; you’re investing in experienced guidance, unwavering support, and personalized solutions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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