Do I Need to Change My Will if I Get Divorced?

What happens in Texas if you make a Last Will and Testament naming your spouse as your beneficiary and then get divorced? Does your ex-husband or ex-wife still inherit as a beneficiary under your Will?


Effect of Divorce on Last Will and Testament in Texas

Once you are divorced, under Texas law, your ex-spouse does not inherit in your Will as a beneficiary. Instead, after divorce, your Last Will and Testament automatically changes to read as if your ex-spouse died before you. So, your alternate beneficiary will inherit under your Will instead of your ex-husband or ex-wife.  Note that this is only true if the divorce has been finalized. Under Texas law, if you’ve only filed for divorce or are separated from your spouse, but haven’t finalized your divorce, your estranged spouse is still entitled to inherit as a beneficiary under your Will.


Effect of Divorce on Life Insurance in Texas

What happens with your life insurance if you named your ex-spouse as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy? The same thing. Under Texas law, your ex-husband or ex-wife is not a beneficiary under your life insurance policy.  In other words, Texas law automatically changes your life insurance beneficiary designations when you get divorced.  Unless you add your former spouse to your life insurance again after you get divorced, your ex-husband or ex-wife will not be a life insurance beneficiary.


Exceptions to the General Rules Above

Prove the original Will’s contents by having witness testimony from someone who read or heard the contents Will. With a Copy of the Will, the witness will testify that he or she recognizes the copy of the Will to be just that.


Other Problems with a Copy of a Will in Texas

There are exceptions, which allow your ex-spouse to be a beneficiary in your Will or life insurance policy:

  • If you remarry your ex-spouse.
  • If your Will specifically states that you want your spouse to inherit even if you get divorced from that person.
  • Federal insurance benefits and federal retirement plans might still go to your ex-spouse if you don’t update forms after you get divorced.


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