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Where are the Denton County Probate Courts?

There are actually two Denton County Probate Courts, and both are located at 3900 Morse Street, Denton, Texas  76208. 

How is Parking at the Denton County Probate Courts?

The Denton County Probate Courts have ample parking, which is free. 

Anything else I should know about going to Probate Court in Denton County?

You are expected to wear professional attire.  While you do not need to wear a suit, you should look professional.  Also, make sure your cell phone is silent.  Lastly, you will be going through a metal detector when you enter the building. 

How many Denton County Probate Courts are there?

There are officially two probate courts.  Judge Bonnie Robison is the judge of the Denton County Probate Court No. 1.  Judge Christopher Everett is the probate judge for Denton County Probate Court 2.  Note that the courts also have assistance from associate judges.

How do I look up a Denton County Probate Case?

This link will take you to Denton County’s website for court records.  After following that link, click the link that states “JP & County Court: Civil, Family & Probate Case Records.”  From there, you can enter the deceased’s name.  If there is a case for that deceased person, you can view the case history.

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