Considering a cheap online Will?  Why should you pay an attorney to make a Will that you can make yourself, right?

I have noted several times that it’s a good idea to hire an attorney to create your Last Will and Testament in Texas.  A lawyer probably costs less than you think, and having a properly drafted Will can save your family tremendous hassle and thousands of dollars.

I think it’s such a good idea to have an attorney draft your Will, in fact, that I charge low flat fees for Wills–just to encourage everyone to get one.  It’s that important.

Why should you not use a cheap online willmaker?  Consider a study by Consumer Reports in which the organization tested three of the most popular internet sources for Wills.  Consumer Reports hired a well-known Wills expert to examine these three online Wills products, and here’s the bottom line:

“All three are better than nothing if you have no will. But unless your needs are very simple—say, you want to leave everything to your spouse with no other provisions—none of them is likely to meet your needs. And we found problems with all three […]”

If you already paid for an online Will, I will review it for you for FREE.  If it is legally valid and accomplishes your goals,  you’ll rest easy at night knowing your family doesn’t have a probate hassle on the horizon.  If you existing Will is somehow defective, then you’ll have the perfect opportunity to hire an actual Texas attorney to cheaply and easily create your Last Will.

Check out the report here.

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