Dallas Probate Court

What you need to know about Dallas Probate Court

The Dallas Probate Court is located at 1201 Elm Street in downtown Dallas, Texas (Renaissance Tower).  The Dallas County Probate Clerk is at the same location.  There are actually three Dallas Probate Courts, each with its own judge.  The three Dallas County Probate Courts are located on the 22nd floor and 24th floor of 1201 Elm Street.

Do I Need A Probate Attorney To File A Case in Dallas Probate Court?

It depends.  The Texas Estates Code allows some types of cases to be filed without a probate attorney.  Other cases require a probate attorney by law. You can use any Texas probate lawyer licensed in the state to handle your Texas probate case.

If you visit the Dallas County Probate Courts, you’ll see that it’s a busy place.  The Dallas County probate clerks and court staff do not have time to walk each person through a case, and they’re not allowed to give legal advice.

Long story short,  it’s a good idea to talk with a probate attorney, and, if you can’t afford to hire one, there are resources available to help you find a pro bono attorney.


How Can I Get Information About An Existing Dallas Probate Court Case?

You may call the Dallas County Clerk at 214-653-7099.  You can order copies of probate court documents.  In fact, after a will goes to probate court, it becomes public record, and you may order a copy through the probate clerk.

You may also search the Dallas Probate Court Records online here.

How Do I Know If I Need To Open a Dallas Probate Court Case?

Consult with a Texas probate attorney.  Usually, but not always, after someone dies in Dallas County, a Dallas probate court will be involved with the transfer of property.  If a family member or other loved one died in Dallas County, schedule a consultation with a probate lawyer to discover your options.

Many probate attorneys offer free consultations.  At the consultation, you will learn about the Dallas probate process, the Dallas probate court costs, and the probate attorney fees.  Depending on many factors, the probate process can take weeks or months, and the total Texas probate costs can range from hundreds into the thousands.


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