Collin County Probate – What You Need to Know


Probate Attorney Isaac Shutt handles many cases in the Collin County Probate Court.  In fact, he’s currently the President of the Collin County Bar Association Probate Section.  In this article, Isaac Shutt provides details about Probate in Collin County, Texas.


Where is the Collin County Probate Court?

 2100 Bloomdale Rd., McKinney, TX 75071

The Probate Courtroom is on the main level, about half-way back, on the right-hand side.



Do I Need a Probate Lawyer?

It depends on the situation.  The Texas Estates Code governs which situations require a probate attorney. Give us a call or send us a message to find out if your situation requires an attorney.  We’re happy to answer your questions by phone and email. We will be open and honest about the situations in which Texas Law does not require you to have an attorney.



How Do I Find Collin County Probate Records?


While this particular court does not put its actual records online, you CAN search the Collin County Probate docket sheets by following this link:  Collin County Probate Court Records.


How Do I Order Copies of Collin County Wills or other Probate Court Documents?


Since you can’t directly download probate court documents online, you can physically go to the courthouse or call the probate clerks.  Here’s the link to the Collin County Probate Clerks page:  Collin County Probate Clerks.


Does the Probate Court Handle Anything Besides Probate Cases?


Yes.  In addition to the probate of wills in Collin County, the Probate Court also handles the following cases:

– Guardianship

– Determination of Heirship

– Small Estate Affidavits

– Will Contests and other Estate Disputes


Does Every Texas County Have A Probate Court?


No, not all Texas counties have dedicated probate courts (“statutory probate court”).  Here is the list of counties with a Texas Statutory Probate Court:

– Collin County Probate Court

– Dallas County Probate Court

– Denton County Probate Court

– Tarrant County Probate Court

– Harris County Probate court

– Travis County Probate Court

– Bexar County Probate Court

– Galveston County Probate Court

– Hidalgo County Probate Court

– El Paso County Probate Court







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