Shutt Law Firm’s Elder Law Attorneys Can Assist with Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Guardianship and More

Individuals assisting seniors often discover that seniors have special legal needs.  Seniors may need legal assistance in a variety of situations…

  • Seniors may need help managing financial affairs.  An elder law attorney can help you create a Power of Attorney.  With a Power of Attorney, a senior will gain the assistance of an agent (sometimes called “attorney-in-fact”) to help pay the bills and manage bank accounts.
  • Seniors may also need help with medical decisions.  Several documents address this issue, such as the Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney document.
  • If Alzheimer’s or other serious medical condition is an issue, you may want to ask the lawyer about Guardianship.  In the event of incapacity, a guardian assists the senior by making important decisions when the senior is no longer able.
  • Seniors should consider getting a Last Will and Testament and/or Trust if they have not already done so.
  • Attention must be taken when seniors transfer assets.  Transferring money or a house can have negative tax consequences or even affect eligibility for public benefits assistance.  Contacting an estate planning attorney with experience in assisting seniors may be a good idea in making transfers of assets.

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How do you know which legal documents are needed?  Is a General Durable Power of Attorney enough for your situation?  Do you know who is legally authorized to make healthcare decisions  in the event of a medical emergency?